I think you should consult a lexicon on this one. who is the best here? I don’t think you can go wrong it. What’s your 4th recommendation? Even Dr. Don Carson, who is pro-TNIV, thought that it has done too much with the gender issue. The ESV website says now in its FAQ, that another publisher (other than Crossway) is preparing a version of the ESV with the apocrypha. The NRSV translators made choices to go with slightly different rendering from the traditional ones and that may be due to a more liberal Christian worldview or just a different way of handling the original text. I have found that the various translations all render this quite differently. The NRSV is not as literal as the NASB and is slightly less literal than the ESV; but yet, it is very accurate. TC, I’ll consider that idea of the NLTse.…and just make sure it’s the First edition NET or you’ll be stuck with the Reader’s edition without any notes. Hmm, it looks like the paperback is only $5 used as well, anyways…. It deviates from the “traditional” rendering of God saying “I hate divorce.” Any thoughts? The NRSV, NASB, NET, TNIV say: “For I hate divorce.” The HCSB says: “he hates. There are dozens of times where the NASB adds … I have an NRSV new Oxford annotated bible, but I found all the footnotes distracting during prayer time, so I picked up a Catholic RSV "Ignatius" Bible. I’m glad you still use the NKJV and NASB because they’re great reliable formal translations. I wouldn’t be so quick to right off the NKJV. Of the seven, only the KJV and the NKJV are translating what is often called the Majority Text (MT) of the NT. Just thought someone here might have a bit more info. Accuracy and literalness should not be equated as the same thing. It won’t be the first evangelical translation to do so because the NLT has one. I was wondering if there are any advantes of the RSV over the NRSV. Thanks for your help Kevin. I think you should do that CEV, ISV, and GNB comparison. It is literal yet accurate. While the ESV is not my primary text, I still find it an excellent translation. I`ve been hoping for a long time this would happen. RSV vs NRSV Bible - which is a better translation? 6 comments. I also think something important for a main translation is having study materials (i.e. It might even move it one notch higher in making it a more sought out bible for academic purposes and for reading purposes. Also, ten years on from the original post, has your opinion changed at all? I noticed that both NASB and NRSV have their own bias, but NRSV seems to be more honest since it provides footnotes of other possible translations. Is this an example of the conservative bias in the ESV that Peter and I are speaking of? KJV-onlyism discussion allowed in KJO forum o. I got NASB and NRSV here on my desk. If you want a fairly literal translation and even greater readability than the ESV, plus gender-neutral language, then the NRSV is best. NASB 1995. Kevin, I am looking forward toward your TNIV and HCSB comparison. There is some ambiguity in Greek too. I don’t have any experience with Word Study Greek-English New Testament by McReynolds but maybe someone else out there does. Shocking documentary: Origin of Wuhan coronavirus, The Makings of a Movie: FBI’s Framing of an Innocent Man, Psalm 23 The Lord is like a good shepherd, The FBI’s Flynn Outrage: a falsified crime, Canadian military helicopter crashed: Sadness ensues the military today, A reason behind Nova Scotia killer’s rampage, A prayer for Portapique NS: 18 victims in killing rampage, Search for a formal translation: NASB vs ESV vs NRSV -- a conclusion, Self-evident Inalienable Rights and Genesis 1:26, Transcript of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronavirus message to UK, We have depersonalized the person of Holy Spirit. Version Information. NASB. L.Wells, when you said: “I would like to pose a question to you of much more erudition than myself.” I didn’t think you were talking to me. All three translations are very good, and they are each unique in their own ways. Literal while retaining better readability than the NASB; Maybe you can add the ISV http://www.isv.org to it since I have found that the ISV philosophy of translation is very similiar to the HCSB.Randy. These latter versions, despite their difficulties and obscurities, continue to be the most useful for detailed and careful study.”. L. Wells, I wish ESV could provide more information. lexicons) keyed to it, which is my problem with my two favorites, the NRSV and ESV. I hear that the NASB will be updated soon. BTW, I posted a couple of comments under the God and gender post, let me know what you think. I’ve been using the NASB since 1982. I predict that it will gain a greater respectability from mainline/secular academia than the NASB ever did. I noticed that both NASB and NRSV have their own bias, but NRSV seems to be more honest since it provides footnotes of other possible translations. I`m enjoying, and learning from everyone`s posts. Maybe you can tell me something I don’t know. So I went back to the NASB. That could be interesting. I’ve been wondering why no one talks about that one. After blogging on this series on the three formal equivalent translations, I cannot say there is a clear #1 winner because it all depends on what a person wants in a translation. If I`m not mistaken it was the ASV……of course my 40 year ld memory could be a failing. Even though it is less wordy, it amazes me that it is also more readable than the NASB. What I meant to say here was: “…is slightly LESS literal than the ESV.” I shall edit it. ESV vs. NRSV So, I have been dabbling a bit into my new ESV with Apocrypha (Deuterocanonicals) for the past few days. Like the NRSV when it first came out, ESV translators also made distinctly unique decisions regarding the rendering of certain passages. Thank you. Kevin, if you are doing a comparison of the TNIV and HCSB next I would strongly recommend NLTse for a third. And where it renders “man” is: 1 Tim.2:5; 5:24; 2 Tim. Word Study Greek-English New Testament: with complete concordance (Hardcover)by Paul McReynolds (Editor).

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