To install this on macOS or Ubuntu 18.04, follow the steps in How to Install Node.js and Create a Local Development Environment on macOS or the Installing Using a PPA section of How To Install Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04. Step 7: Publish npm publish Node Package Manager (NPM) is an open-source software library that has over 800,000 code packages. For example, here we build the documentation before tagging the release: You can also add np to a custom script in package.json. ... You may also skip at runtime using this.skip(). A professor I know is becoming head of department, do I send congratulations or condolences? npm run publish:npm. npm run build or yarn build # Bundles the package to the dist folder. Other people whitelist what they want published in their package.json files setting: Then npm can actually become a build tool - driving every aspect of your development. First, npm will check your repository for a.gitignore file. // package.json // Define start and test targets { … npm test works because of below test script in package.json file. Required: The following will run unit tests. Why would people invest in very-long-term commercial space exploration projects? You can also skip the tests via command line by executing the following command: mvn install -DskipTests. To release a minor/patch version for an old major version, create a branch from the major version's git tag and run np: If you're using macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or later, your SSH key passphrase is no longer stored into the keychain by default. Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package @stormid/skip, we found that it has been starred ? My test scripts: in npm look for the property 'skipTests', so I map it to 'maven.test.skip' Note: the douple '-' syntax used below only works with npm >= 2. In a browser, test files are loaded by