Everyone who travels knows about the tensions associated with a waitlist PNR status. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The RAC (Reservation Against Cancellations) ticket rules. who travelling with the fmly have no choices left rather than tracking of tkt conformation whole day n night with the prediction that if the same is not confirmed then the fmly have to suffesuffer. Please note that RAC 3 is not your final status as yet. Are RAC ticket holders travelling in A.C. eligible to get seperate linen set? Not yours. Though not apparently, there is an Emergency Quota (EQ) valid in the RAC tickets. Entrepreneur Awards 2020- Travel Start-up of the Year goes to ‘RailYatri’!. Thanks, Who can win the confirmed full berth…person with RAC 1 or current reservation person…? At RailYatri, we would like to help the train passengers by answering some of these. Yes, it definitely can be predicted and that is what we do here at RailYatri. Each time with the hope to see a “Confirm- CNF” sign on the page. Are all the seats on lower side Berths counted as RAC seats? Our intensive data analysis (which takes into account many key criterion) helps us predict the Confirmation Probability for your Wait list or RAC ticket. 5) No RAC or waitlist ticket will be issued. CNF status passengers are assigned seat number after charting is done. For example, If you are RAC/42 and then 2 people having confirmed berth cancel their ticket, then you move up to RAC/40. With this circumstances, when RAC moved to confirmed ticket as first come first serve then waiting list ticket automatically moved to RAC consequently. On this circumstances I booked another Tkt of 4 after 17:00 hrs on 7/09/16 in Ttkl. Hope these answers would answer some of the questions you had about the RAC ticket system. Starting January 16, those with RAC tickets will have to travel being seated throughout Thanks. Indian Railways clearly mentions sleeping hours of the day. My PNR status is RAC 3 and doj is 19 october through Rajdhani will i get the complete seat with coach number and seat number. This seldom happens. Latest Indian Railway Updates. Sharing seat only for girl girl,boy boy So, it cannot be predicted. When you book a train ticket, you expect to get a confirmed ticket, but sometimes it so happens that you get a waitlisted ticket or RAC ticket. And the latter one, no. The tea or food served by the Pantry vendors is of worst quality and yet no action is taken against them on an administrative level. What about confirmed seats on lower and upper side berths? If the confirmation probability for your WL ticket is High or Medium than you have a chance of Confirmation at the point of Final Charts preparation. Now trian reached khanzgad kasargod. Absolutely! I had a confirmed Side Upper ticket, while the Side Lower seats were occupied by two other passengers with RAC. At times you may find that a person with RAC ticket gets a solo berth, without the general convention of sharing. In my opinion Indian Railways is making a fool of common for the sake of money. Do you like reading detective novels with a thrilling plot? However, in your case it could get confirmed. But all this railway travel started It has to be done 30 minutes before it happens. Reservation Against Cancellation was really very confusing before reading this article thank you for sharing such a detailed piece. SL.for Nandigram Express. Is it true? A person on Side Upper berth 64, kept sleeping during the day. Thanks! Hi Mr Uttam, for such inquires you must have your co passenger’s PNR no or otherwise you cannot know his/her schedule etc. The algorithm on which this is based, has been developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). In an express train, the total berths reserved under the RAC quota are 71. It’s not true.My practical experience is that the coach attendance refuse to provide pillow and blanket for each Rac tkt holder.As per his version pillow and blanket are allowed one set for each berth. It's a complex system and not all waitlists are equal! If some coaches of the train are unavailable and there is a scarcity of seats such a step can be taken. But for such an analysis, a detailed analysis of the rush, cancellation history and train’s on-time performance is needed. most of the times RAC tickets get confirmed and RAC55 is not much of queue. Really RAC tickets system is a good option for passengers. Please paste your PNR number here: https://www.railyatri.in/pnr-status. HI Vineet, This depends on whether a person has E-ticket or I-ticket. However, Indian Railways generally tries to accommodate tickets on one PNR in the same space. There are certain websites which analyze the past trends and make a pnr prediction analysis although the predictions are not 100 percent accurate. WL 21: Current W/L of 21 and average or minor confirmation chances between 70% to 30%. The next issue is cost of cancelling RAC ticket. You can check PNR status at RailYatri website for update. If the misplaced/lost ticket is confirmed/RAC then duplicate permit travel on the same reservation will be issued. A senior official in the Railways Ministry told the publication that based on booking trends, passengers would be able to … Where will the person who is allotted for side upper berth sit during the day? But during extreme rush seasons they might make an exception to this rule. I have sleeper class , 2 tickets rac no 75,76 for chennai super fast 12163 train. Good Evening everyone. Please check your PNR status here: https://www.railyatri.in/pnr-status. Suppose the original passenger does not turn up for the journey, then too Indian Railways has the rights to re-allocate the seat to someone else on a sharing basis through the tenure of your trip. – Varatharajan, Coimbatore, I was in seat no.63 rac sharing with another person ..but seat number 60 next to me was vacant where ttr allowed another person to sleep..when I argued he says till seat number 55 is cleared and next one is yours if any cancellation comes ..what is the rule of preference for allotment of births for RAC, I get RAC train#16603 from mangalore but till now No one joined against RAC How is the queue for confirmation prepared between tatkal rac and a normal rac ticket. I am totally confused before. 63 . So, while RAC 1 should be the first to be confirmed, at rare times one of the tickets from lower serial order of RAC may be confirmed due to EQ. Journey from waitlist ticket to confirmed ticket. ; All passengers can travel and their names will be displayed in the chart; Ticket can be cancelled 30 minute before departure of train. For confirmation of seats which will be preffered by railway: Normal WL ticket or Tatkal WL ticket…. I have rac 107 in shirdi express, can I get a seat.. One of the highlights of our app is that we are able to make sense out of huge train running data. Rules about sleeping are only for lower berths. Can I use this seat for me only In case the ticket remains RAC even after chart preparation (if the coach number is preceded by R i.e. If the final status remains RAC then it will have to be shared by a co-passenger. Today, I was asked by the TTE that upper birth person can sit with other two RAC people in the day time and if I wish I can use his upper birth. Partially Confirmed or Partially RAC PNR What is Confirm+RAC PNR?. Why do tickets show two RAC nos. journy dt 8/09/16. What are the chances of getting an RAC confirmed in Indian Raiways? Do keep track of your PNR status and automatic notifications on PNR update by installing RailYatr app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.railyatri.in.mobile). WL 32: Current W/L of 32 and excellent confirmation chances of less than 30%. If side lower seat rac and shared with other person and the upper side person not come than how tt will alot the seat . My pnr shows confirmed but no seat number or coach number. How do you get a RAC refund? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.railyatri.in.mobile. Your waitlisted ticket is … You will know the final status of your ticket at the time of chart preparation which usually happens 4 hrs prior to starting of the train from the origin station. As a result, the passenger travelling on an RAC ticket, sharing a side lower berth with a perfect stranger, still ends up paying the same amount that a confirmed ticket holder pays! Worse of worse after preparation of the final chart he will still get a … Yes, during the day hours the lower berth has to be shared by the three passengers (2 with RAC and 1 with CNF ticket). So OBVIOUSLY it is allowed. Normally, the side lower berths are earmarked for RAC quota. If you have booked a ticket for 3AC the chances of your ticket getting confirmed depends on whether it is a waitlisted or RAC ticket and on which waiting list does it fall under. 7. But I think that it is a good facility provided by Indian railways where passengers if not allotted a berth, can now share a berth and can continue their journey in emergency. Coming back to your question, RAC tickets get cleared only when a person who booked the ticket before you cancels his confirmed/RAC ticket, so if many people cancels there ticket naturally your ticket will be confirmed well before the chart is prepared. of berths to be earmarked for RAC passengers 7 , No. So sets are provided PER seat. It means when you started the booking process you were at RAC 15, but during the process 6 more tickets were cancelled, so you moved up to RAC 9 at the present status. Post chat preparation, you will be assigned Coach Number & Seat Number. Let say I am holding RAC ticket and sharing berth with stranger. In a normal express train 142 tickets can fall under the RAC quota. RAC passengers are allocated half of the side lower berth with another RAC … Thanks. Is this right? of additional RAC passengers to be provided sitting accommodation, Total No. I would like to write about one of my worst train experiences, which I faced today. ; The E-ticket may be booked and cancelled through internet and the Refund of fare shall be credited to the customer's account after deducting the charges applicable. June 7, 2018 October 27, 2012 by p p. ... Until the last time of chart preparation, all we do is just cross their fingers and hope that the ticket gets confirmed. Normal RAC gets preference over Tatkal RAC when queued for confirmation. Hi Mr Mohandas, Yes Sir you can use it as long as no one comes and claims his share in the birth. Does RAC Means seat confirmed? In such rare instances a RAC ticket can be demoted. As a general rule, Indian railways tries to keep the side lower berths vacant for RAC ticket holders. Thanks. However, this will be one be done on payment of charges. But more than half of them have to stay contended with RAC or, worst still, a waitlist ticket. We will tell you the Confirmation Probability. RAC 35 and RAC 36 DOJ 28 OCTOBER 2018 KOLKATA RAJDHANI VIA PATNA. Thanks for sharing useful information. I got RAC 1 today bt still the tte is not responding properly n finally answered that there are a lot of current reservations.. can anyone clear my doubt please…. Use the RailYatri app and you can find a feature named Confirmation Probability. It’s really unfair especially when TTE give seats to others on consideration else you should have got the seat in a running train. Sometime if huge cancellation of reservation confirmed ticket taken place then possible for RAC followed by waiting list ticket/passengers to get their ticket as confirmed status. which was Cnfrmd in 1st attempt. Read here! So, the progress of your tickets is dependent on cancellations. Ie, in the same coach of first ticket or in other coaches. If you have any suggestions, views or enquiries please do write back to us. For cancellation of confirmed tickets less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and upto 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, the cancellation charges will be 50% of the fare paid by you, subject to minimum flat cancellation charges for each class. As you see there are Emergency Quotas in RAC. RAC 25 or RAC 25 No refund is permissible after that. In very rare instances. I have RAC ticket with my wife berth no. RAC tickets get confirmed only when there is a cancellation. If someone If he has RAC ticket, he can cancel it till half an hour before the train starts. of additional RAC passengers to be provided sitting accommodation 4 in each coach. The EQ has tickets booked by VIPs, railway staff, etc. Yes, if your ticket status is RAC after the illustrated products, your ticket is partially confirmed and you are allowed to board the train. 6) The tickets won't include catering charges. I wish to ask, How is prediction given in ur website when Railway does not do that? No, not in all instances! Of course because side upper 64 was his seat. Current W/L of 14 and good confirmation chances of more than 70%. Thank you very much.. Can a person having Confirmed Side upper birth has the right to sit with the other two RAC confirmed persons?? I m the first time user to IRCTC site & in fact I was unfamiliar to this site for booking train ticket from home rather than moving to an agent etc. So, RAC8/RAC2 means that when the ticket is purchased, it was the 8th such ticket under RAC category, which has moved 6 places after 6 cancellations. While there are hundreds of sites that talk about the general rules of RAC, there are many grey areas which the passengers have no idea of. Many passengers face this same problem. You may get in the same coach or another. Suppose, there are 12 Sleeper coaches in a train and out of them 1 coach develops a technical issue and cannot make the journey. Char Dham Yatra: A Spiritual and Scenic overdose. In the status, ‘RAC 15/RAC 9’, 15 doesn’t denote your status at the time of processing the booking, it denotes the original serial status allotted by Railway. No wonder, the average train passengers always have thousand questions in their minds. How and where prediction of rac ticket is available? I want to cancel one ticket out of two but both seats are in RAC if I cancel one ticket another person will change the RAC Number or it will be same, Hi Prabhakar, It will be the same. I thought this meant that we would get on the train no matter what, but the message I got with my confirmation says "Your New Delhi-JAISALMER one-way train ticket is booked, however your PNR status is waitlisted / RAC. You can cancel RAC e-Ticket upto 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. Hi Mr Venkatesh, This is little difficult to predict before the preparation of final chart. I because it is meant for sitting only. The explanation to this point is wrong. Often these tickets are given preference over normal RAC bookings when queued for Confirmation. Is it true that RAC cases have less chances of confirmation? It ensures certainty of travel but does not guarantee a berth. I have 3ac class , 6 tickets rac no 2,3,4,5,6,7 for golden temple from amritsar to mumbai in may 2012. will all tickets get confirmed, will i get all the berth together I have RAC 129/130/131 in Train No. Indian Railways has a good news for you. Log in, No. SL. Is there any possibility that BOTH RAC will confirm and get confirm seat in same coach, Sorry Sir there is no such calculation but you can check the possibility on http://www.railyatri.in ‘s app.Thanks, Will RAC 67 will get confirmed in SC -bbs visakha express, Secunderabad to Bhubaneswar visakha express train, Hi Mr Aditya Mishra, You can check the confirmation possibility on http://www.railyatri.in app. If you are on board a train with waitlisted ticket or RAC ticket, getting it confirmed is easier than before. Linen set available is equal to number of seats. We hope this will solve your problem. Kindly use it. Seriously you know nothing. How many RAC tickets get confirmed in sleeper? Who own the seat just above the lower rac seats.. Same incident happened with me.some rules has to be. While checking the PNR status RAC ticket shows confirm status. Should I step into any coach of 3rd AC and wait for the TT? There are 72 seats in each of the 12 Sleeper coaches, making the total number of available seats 864 (72X12). As people start cancelling tickets, the RAC/ WL tickets draw closer to a confirmed birth. RAC Ticket Cancellation Cancellation of RAC e-Ticket. I hv a tckt of RAC 12 OF 3rd AC of Howrah New Delhi Poorva express, so after boarding the train on 16th oct how do I know which seat is alloted for me? In case of I-tickets, if an RAC ticket is cancelled, an amount of Rs.60 gets deducted as RAC Ticket Cancellation charge. Let us explain (for the convenience of your understanding, let us take Sleeper coaches as our reference): on a general level any express train has 12 Sleeper coaches. But there is one instance where you might not be able to make a journey, read below to find out. It may be better than the ticket remaining unconfirmed but one can not avoid a feeling of getting cheated, as the railways charge full ticket fare, reservation charge etc. Now, each of these 71 berths will be shared by two people, so the total RAC count is … Nagpur: Even as railway ministry will launch 100 pair of (200) passengers trains from June 1, social (Covid-19) distancing will go for a toss with the. I have one confirmed set and second is WL in same PNR then how can i received WL cancelation refund. Such a pleasant surprise may come when the person allotted the same seat gets ticket confirmed at the last moment and there is no time for re-allocation. If you have a Confirmed ticket in Side Lower, then IR has made an exception. My RAC doesn’t have any status number. e.g: RAC 15/RAC 9? The second number after the slash (/) shows the current status of the ticket. I agree with your point. And mind you, we would try to keep it really simple. And one more clarification I need. Now my quest is-: is this meant for only grabing money from we innocent Indians? WL 22 or WL 22: Current W/L of 22 and we don't have enough data to predict confirmation chances. I have 3ac class , 6 tickets rac no 2,3,4,5,6,7 for golden temple from amritsar to mumbai in may 2012. will all tickets get confirmed, will i get all the berth together According to IRCTC's website, RAC ticket is technically a train ticket with confirmed seat but wait listed berth. Could you please let me know what is the probability will we get confirmed berth? In an express train, the total berths reserved under the RAC quota are 71. How can I know the boarding n arriving of another person in my rac ticket online without help of TTE. The first number shows the status of the ticket at the time of booking. It does not matter whether you book the tickets online on the IRCTC website or from the railway counters. If any cancellation is done in the general quota seats, the person in the RAC queue is assigned a CNF ( Confirmed ) status. Hi Arvinth, for such inquires kindly use RailYatri App’s awesome feature i,e Confirmation probability. In more than 95% of cases you can be sure of making a journey, though you might have to share the berth with another person. Who will get upper side seat. When I complained to the TTE, I was told he can continue sleeping as it was his right. Thats a good blog. Now, my question is, where the berth will be alloted. Use this feature to get the prediction. I have a upper birth the ticket checker told me “if you sit in lower sheet, another one can use your birth” is there any rule in railway? So, the confirmed ticket passengers have to be accommodated with one less coach. The RAC seat sharing allocation depends on the rush. 2 passengers are assigned the same side lower berth seat. How to predict if you RAC or waitlist ticket will get confirmed. A Look through some unknown RAC Ticket rules. Thanks, Dear sisters and brothers this discussion is very useful. How u fetch data from and integrate to Railway? Once the general quota seats are filled, passengers are placed in RAC queue. But, where should those two people on RAC(side lower berth) go? If you are on RAC and thus sharing a seat with another passenger, then it remains open for allocation all through the trip. If you face the same issue in the future just send SMS to +918121281212 quoting train number, coach number, seat/berth number or PNR and problem in short. This rule definitely needs to changed to make journeys better. If someone who already has a confirmed berth cancels his ticket, then you move up one place in RAC and eventually get a confirmed ticket if more people do so. He was sleeping on his SIDE UPPER berth. Even if you have not booked a ticket due to unavailability of a confirmed seat, you will be able to check the … He cannot sleep on the RAC berth. IRCTC will make arrangement for limited eatables and packaged drinking water on payment basis. Yes, though it rarely happens, but a RAC ticket can be moved to waitlist. Now you people cleared my confusion with this article. Yes, RAC passengers Can Travel in the train. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RAC tickets have many rules and regulations attached with it. 22601 and journey date is 2nd Jan 2019. With more Quotas by your side, Chances of Confirmed Tickets are High! But pls mention this too that side upper berth person also has the sitting with both RAC ticket holders,as whole side lower birth is not free for only both RAC HOLDERS( Except night sleeping hrs).During day timings upper berth holder has the provision to sit on lower side berths. Many people are confused by such a status. Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC): If a user has been issued an RAC ticket, then most likely his ticket will get confirmed by the time of chart preparation and he will get a berth. Some passengers are in Confirmed (CNF) and some passengers are in RAC status in the same ticket. How Many Waiting List Tickets Get Confirmed In Sleeper or 3AC. IRCTC 80 Special Trains: Full list of new trains starting September 12, Important Indian Railway Updates – Get Details, Indian Railways have started additional special trains for Ganesh Chaturthi festival 2020. According to a report by The Times of India, the new IRCTC website will let passengers know the probability of confirmation, of waitlisted or RAC tickets. There are 72 seats in each of the 12 Sleeper coaches, making the total number of available seats 864 (72X12). of additional berths to be provided for RAC passengers, No. 6, is the current status of your ticket at any given point of time. Dear IRCTC. Do RAC ticket holders have to share the seat with person holding side upper seat. Do I have to ask the TT? You have entered an incorrect email address! We log on to check the PNR status again and again. One cannot keep sleeping while others have inconvenience. As you know, under the RAC quota the Side lower berth seats are allotted to two people who have to share it, if the ticket does not get confirmed or there are no vacancies on the train. Sir, I have a confirmed ticket and RAC 1 ticket in same PNR. Also please share an article on seat matrix of Indian railway . Factors such as rate of cancellations, type of waitlist, quotas, frequency of trains, distance covered, and of course class of travel will all have an impact. Whether RAC Ticket holders can apply for equota, Reservation Against Cancellation was really very confusing before reading this article thank you for sharing such a detailed piece. showed status WL9.10.11.12/4,5,6,7 till 17:00 hrs on 7/09/16. I had RAC for entire week before travel and after chart preparation rac remained RAC and others who had waiting till last moment got confirmed ticket after chart preparation, Hi Mr Dipen shah, Yes it is true therefore we have written such blog for you so that you could understand that there are several types of calculations and filters through which a waiting list or rac ticket goes through before getting confirm. Must-have hygiene essentials to make your travel easier! Travel is fun and when it comes to train travel, we go into the bypaths and un-trodden depths of wilderness and travel explorations to tell the world the glories of our journey!...read more. I am very shocked to hear about this rule. What does it mean? ALSO READ: Surge Pricing model, Tips to Book Tatkal Tickets. How can you get refund for cancelling RAC tickets? Come New Year, travelling by train on RAC (reservation against cancellation) tickets will get more taxing. What should i do, You can check your PNR status here along with confirmation probability and other details: https://www.railyatri.in/pnr-status, Rac tickets are not valid when booked via online systems… This info should’ve been there in this post… Or if the rules have changed… Please confirm it. The Side Upper is usually reserved for a Confirmed ticket holder. If there is a Rac ticket, then a full refund is given on the confirmed ticket. Girl boy are alloted RAC seat or not.????

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