The Mr. Fusion reactor eliminated the need for plutonium, and allowed the time machine to operate off of ordinary household garbage. Heartbroken after realizing Jill was just using him to work for the Dean, Doc trashed all his photos of himself with Jill. Arriving back in 1893, Doc gave his present to Clara, and received his own gift: a notepad and a fountain pen, ironically intended to stop Doc from forgetting important dates. Marty and Doc uncovered the DeLorean and repaired it, but his orignal pet, Copernicus discovered that in 1885, Doc would be murdered by Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen, ancestor of Biff. That summer, Judge Brown made his son Emmett work for him as his junior clerk in the Hill Valley Courthouse. [4], By May 1986, Doc had been away from his residence long enough that George McFly took it upon himself to make sure that his possessions were turned over to good hands. In this version of history, Doc has been committed to a psychiatric ward since 1983 (he was committed on the same day he won his award in the "proper" history). He then tested the time circuits twice more later. Unfortunately, Doc failed to realize that since he used the sleep inducer in Jennifer, there wasn't enough power to knock out Marty Jr. for a full hour, thus complicating the plan. Doc realized that this was the Temporal Field Generator Mk II, which allowed one occupant to return to any hour between its activation and the present. The only problem was that no records were available before 1950, since everything was lost after Biff bulldozed the Hill Valley Courthouse to build his casino and hotel. Afterwards, Emmett was approached by Edna, who apologized for what she had said earlier. Family and friends can send flowers and/or light a candle as a loving gesture for their loved one. [7], At some point in 1951, Doc saw the science-fiction movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Doc's family was presumably from the German Empire or Austria-Hungary. It has been speculated that "Doc" is supposed to be a relative of real-life scientist Wernher von Braun. Marty caught up with the van, and foiled Kid's attempt to murder Doc. On April 19, Doc continued repairs on the DeLorean after it sustained damage during the robots' attack. On the day that Emmett was supposed to fly the Levitator, he was approached by Edna, who ordered him to shut the experiment down, to which he refused. On June 24, 1972, Joey Baines was arrested for stealing $85,000 from the Ellsworth residence. Unbeknownst to anyone in the Civic Committee, Emmett Brown was their silent benefactor. They then jumped into the river to escape sabre-tooth tigers. Citizen Brown arrives, revealing that it actually took him six months to repair the DeLorean, along with his family fortune and a "sketchy deal" with Libyans. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, American College of Technical Science & Complicated Math, Back to the Future first draft screenplay. Emmett Brown had come a long way from the time when he believed that "No man should know too much about his own destiny". The image was nearly identical to the image of the man with open arms that had represented his vision of a perfect society. George McFly turned the Hill Valley Civic Committee into a secret committee dedicated to stopping BiffCo. As he fades from existence, he commented that he is happy for the man he once was, and the man he could become. He had already had a reputation for being a crazy recluse, but those sentiments increased after his involvement in the Manhattan Project. When he returned to 1983, he was still in that position, and wouldn't respond to anyone. This is a substantial number of individuals who gave their lives in service to their country. Just then, a future Marty appeared and told Doc that he had to come back to the future with him. He confronted the head of the university, Robert Millikan, with the revelation that he is aware that the top scientific minds from the facility are being sent to work on a top secret think tank by to work on a project for the government to benefit the war effort. Most of the pages were blank, save for one: the sketch of the flux capacitor. The note specified that Doc had never returned to 1893, which confused him, as he was in no such danger. Later, Emmett's friend found him sitting on top of the Hill Valley Courthouse and tried to cheer him up, but Emmett stated he is beyond caring about anyone or anything anymore. Marty and Doc then look at all the future technology. Clara reminded him that the date was their anniversary, and offered him a gift. A week later, the civic committee met again, commenting that no one had been able to reach Strickland since the incident, and he hadn't reported in to the school either (it's unknown which school he was working for, as Hill Valley High School burned down in 1979 and wasn't rebuilt until at least some point after 1985). Robert Emmett Brown Robert Emmett Brown, age 78, of Saranac Lake, died Friday, May 15, 2020 following a brief illness at the University of Vermont Medical Center with his wife Pat by his side. Doc promised his family that he would return safely, and set the time circuits for 2015. Marcus tells Doc and Marty not to embarrass him, since he is on a date with Gabriella. By 1973, Biff had begun to buy up all the land in Hill Valley, which would soon become known to its residents as Hell Valley. Doc ripped it up just as lightning struck down a tree on top of the cable. Citizen Brown and Marty managed to escape from the ward, and evade Edna's capture. Shortly afterwards, Edna Strickland (who had come to dislike Emmett following the incident with Stay Sober Society) came to him and referred to his rocket car as a public hazzard and mocked the very idea of flying vehicles. At this point, Doc revealed why he traveled back to 1931 -- to find info on Marty's grandma Sylvia, unaware that she was Trixie Trotter. Dr. Emmett Brown showed Marty McFly the story of George's death in one of the bound collections of newspapers he had taken from the closed and boarded-up Hill Valley Public Library. We are sad to announce that on February 27, 2020, at the age of 56, Emmett Brown (East Orange, New Jersey) passed away. In light of this, he decides to leave Marty alone for a change. The Dean threatened that his relationship with his daughter would be damaged unless he cooperated with them. [3] However, Doc cared about the people he was close to. However, it was soon revealed to both himself and Marty that there was a serious problem with the time circuits, as they had jumped to October 12, 1931, the first day of the Hill Valley Science Expo, not August 26, 1931 as they had originally intended. Eventually, Brown got Emmett to inhale chloroform, and stashed him in the bathysphere exhibit, while he disguised himself as the diver Jacques Douteux who supervises the exhibit. As soon as Doc enters the ring, he is hit on the head with a microphone. After Biff had Terry murdered for trying to break into the safe in Tannen Manor in 1983, Biff had his stepson Dave McFly forced out of town, Doc revealed himself and his time machine to the remaining members of the Hill Valley Civic Committee. Husband of the late Bernadine Helen Brown. He was born Jan. 15, 1918, in Owensboro, Ky., and … Needles arrives, and tries to harass Marty, but he wrestles with the unbelievable, and hazy, memories that he has of Marty fighting another Marty without a face. Unfortunately, Griff was also present at the bistro, and recognized Doc as the criminal he had chased earlier. Doc may have spent some time in the 2000s with his wife Clara and sons Jules and Verne, although the family never settled on one decade, instead choosing to spend their lives in multiple decades, moreover the old West. By the 1970s, Doc moved to his garage and sold the rest of his estate to developers. Seeing no cause for concern, he headed into town to withdraw money. Marcus slams the flux capacitor into the android that is about to attack the innocent bystanders. This error in destination confirmed Brown's fears about the time circuits, which caused Brown and Marty to alter their plans, as they only had a day to break up Emmett and Edna. "'I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. Emmett felt betrayed, as he had viewed Walter as a friend and confidant. He gives Marty a bag of canisters, telling him to leave a note in one of them in his secret lab if he ever needs help. Emmett Brown

Emmett Richard Brown was born December 19,1945 in Augusta,Georgia to the late Richardine Brown and   Emmett Brown. Doc managed to save her, with help from Marty's hoverboard (a piece of technology from 2015), but got left behind with Clara in 1885. Stanford S. Strickland, wearing a suit that his father owned, stepped into the chamber and disappeared into the past. They were both surprised to find out that Mrs. Ellsworth was Emmett's mother, and that Doc was in her house the night Joey robbed it. Not wanting to see any version of Marty McFly get hurt, he let it into the vehicle. The letter was held by Western Union for the next 70 years, and given to Marty in 1955. At this point, Detective Parker drove up, claiming that he thought "that car" disappeared, as he pointed out that Edna just disappeared in exactly the same car. He said goodbye to her and told her the truth about where he came from. [18] Doc often used the phrase "Great Scott!" Nonetheless, Marty is able to improvise, causing Griff and his gang to crash into the Hill Valley Courthouse. 7-7:45 PM at Evergreen. The military personnel came and left in the new timeline without ever talking to Doc, as they considered him an insurance thief, as the official result was inconclusive. After Doc had received the insurance money for his family mansion, he built an improved version of the temporal field capacitor called the temporal field generator Mk II. Ultimately, Marty succeeded in retrieving the almanac. Strangely enough, the first time Doc is shot by the Libyans, there is no blood at all, when it should have painted Doc's van (one could conclude he had the vest because it could have been a. Christopher Lloyd got nominated for Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for Doc (BTTF1). He held the positions of both chief medical officer and later science officer aboard the USS Copernicus. Doc however had no interest in any of them and refused to do so. Doc recognized Irving's name and told Marty that Irving could not be trusted, which was proven when they discovered that Irving had stolen parts from the DeLorean time machine while they were gone. Leave a sympathy message to the family in the guestbook on this memorial page of Emmett Brown to show support. He's kind-hearted, supportive, encouraging, and plays as a positive mentor to Marty, to a point of actually being quite paternal. However, that was changed in 1992, when Verne found out that his father could have been a wrestler. Later, Marty is telling the story of the events to Jennifer while she is at work at Marty is telling the story of the events to Jennifer while she is at work at Shanerburger. (Back to the Future the Ride) When Brown discovered the nature of the multiverse, he would utilize a specially built Delorean and the Jules Verne Train to study its many worlds and … Kid and Myra married simply for the purpose of making it seem like Biff wasn't born out of wedlock. Suddenly, Marty was captured by several identical copies of himself. He is told that the vetting process requires an interview at his home, and possibly a psychiatric evaluation, and he's afraid that once the interviewers saw Emmett's apartment, he'd be disappointed in the outcome. After Carlton died, Doc's mother moved to a house in Hill Valley, and Doc helped her move in. Wake: Thurs. They are able to once again snatch the almanac before having Biff slammed into a manure truck for the second time. Doc, realizing that he had not bought anything for her, hastily retreated to the DeLorean time machine and traveled to 2017, unaware that Verne was hiding in the vehicle. [4] He was allergic to all synthetic fabrics. Behind the scenes Before he left his son, Kid gave Gertrude a forged birth certificate that stated that Biff was born on March 28, 1937. Irving questions Doc's idea of safe time travel, pointing out that he was willing to risk changing the future just for a small present. Michael J. Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown was a male Human Starfleet officer, physicist, and inventor in the early 23rd century. Doc of Timeline 7, born more than 30 years after the 1885 death of Timeline 2 Doc, has seen the tombstone in 1955. Doc then started the DeLorean to fly to his position. Walter stole Emmett's idea for a perpetual motion hula hoop, and signed a lucrative contract with the Clunko Toys company. Initially confused, Emmett agreed and bade his friend farewell. His homes in 1985, 1955, and 1885 are shown to contain various labor-saving gadgets. Devastated that he had changed his own memory as he didn't want to admit to himself that he was the reason why Biff remained in Hill Valley, Strickland walked to an alley, so he wouldn't be seen disappearing by any bystanders, and sat in a crouched position with his head in his lap until time ran out. Doc and Marty decided to rest at Bistro Twenty/15, as it provided at least some degree of familiarity compared to the otherwise alien era. While making his way back to the DeLorean, Doc came by his past self preparing for the past Marty's return to the future. Unfortunately, Marty was locked in Biff's garage when Biff of 2015 gave 1955 Biff the almanac. But he then feared that if she ran into her future self, then she'd either faint from shock or cause a paradox that would destroy the universe. Marty then thanked him, and Doc said that it was the least he could do for "the man who saved me from making the worst mistake of my life.". Later went off to war and serving his country. Marcus, having heard the entire story, decided that he should not keep Gabriela waiting. Later, he was approached by "Carl Sagan", who claimed to be a scientist and had a business proposal for Emmett, which would have meant leaving the Expo, so he refused before being chloroformed and dumped into Professor Jacques Douteux's bathysphere, whilst the real Douteux was replaced by Sagan. The time machine, known as the temporal field capacitor, was only useful for sending objects into the future. Doc planned to come up with a "Plan C" once he arrived in 1983; however, the chamber was now in BiffCo, as the other members of the committee were caught by the Hill Valley Police Department when they couldn't unhook the chamber from the power grid. As expected, when both Jennifers encountered each other, they both fainted from shock. Memory Delta Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. One day Dean Wooster and his cohorts Cooper and Mintz told him that he must participate in one of three projects: the Edsel car, chemical warfare, or Xerox (which Doc pronounced "X-rox"). Just then, Edna appeared with Einstein, confusing Doc and Marty. Emmett Brown is known for his work on Rumble Fish (1983), St. Elmo's Fire (1985) and The Outsiders (1983). They used the time parachute to go to September 16 2035. Marty and Doc reply that they are Marcus Irving's friends. Emmett received several honors such a Purple Heart. A few minutes later, the DeLorean reappeared in the high school parking lot, and Doc (as Marty remembered him) emerged from it, having returned to 1931 from the award ceremony due to the "explanation" that Marty gave Doc's younger self seconds before Doc arrived. Marty  was successfull in protecting his younger self, but lost the almanac to Biff as he was leaving the gym. During the 1950s, Doc worked as a professor of physics at Hill Valley University. On September 7, 1893, Doc was still working on upgrading the Jules Verne Train to a hover-converted version. Born in Olean, NY, on March 16, 1942, he was the son of Emmett and Ruth (Underwood) Brown. Upon coming to, Doc woke up behind the bars of a jail cell, and Irving "Kid" Tannen, a notorious gangster, was blaming him for the explosion. [11] Doc did not usually drink alcoholic beverages since he had a tendency to pass out after just one drink, especially when that drink was whiskey. After drinking the shot, he immediately fell down drunk. He was born Jan. 15, 1918, in Owensboro, Ky., and … Doc would arrive at the wedding, and object to the marriage, stating that the bride is already married to his son "Melvin", and that he thinks that she is pregnant. He left Marty and Doc stranded on January 8, 19654 B.C. Seeing how Marty found him not to be the mad scientist that others were claiming, and impressed that he was able to overcome the traps that he set up to keep people away, Doc gave him a part-time job to look after the lab, as his lab assistant and feed his dog Einstein.[9]. Doc and Marty quickly returned to Doc's secret lab, where Doc fully recovered his memory and attempted to find a way to escape 2035. Doc advised Marty to covertly stop them otherwise his past self wouldn't make it to the clock tower, thereby resulting in a paradox. If an object was sent any further back than that, the arrival of the object would overheat the capacitor and start an electrical fire. Like the original, it could only send objects through time during the time period in which the device had been turned on. Horrified, Marty held his hand and insisted he could get help for Brown even as he continued to fade, but Brown simply shook his head and asked to see the newspaper from 1986, which revealed that Emmett, as Doc, would become an inventor and get the Key to the City. Results 1-20 of 4,554,978. He was notable for devising the slingshot theory, the first method of time travel, along with his friend Martin McFly. This allowed him to lay a trap. He is told that they were well aware that he was using his landlady's home for the interview. The next day, Jill tells him to do it for her, but Doc still refused. As they carried the unconscious 1985 Jennifer back to the DeLorean, Doc declares that when they get back to 1985, he'll destroy the time machine, seeing as it's brought nothing but disaster and misfortune. He is survived by his wife of 52 years Florday Brown; 4 children: Emmett III, Antoinette, Deborah and Joseph; grandchildren, Paul, Emmett, Jerrika, Crystal, Roland, Angel and Davette and a host of in-laws, nieces, nephews and friends. The exterior of Doc Brown's 1955 house at the beginning of the film is actually the, The interior of Doc Brown's 1955 Mansion is the, Lloyd, in the 2009 documentary, said that he had an offer for an off-Broadway theatrical production at the same time that he would be filming, Doc owns a clock that is shown at the beginning of. He later left Starfleet to be a physicist, and later an inventor. Around this time, anti-German sentiment had increased in the United States due to Germany's involvement in World War I, so Erhardt had their family name changed from Von Braun to Brown.[4]. Two months later, Emmett and Edna, then in a heavily romantic relationship, began collaborating on a "revolutionary" new invention for Emmett's display at the Hill Valley Expo, the Mental-Alignment Meter, which is designed to measure a person's likes and dislikes in order to gauge their mental condition (with Emmett himself being measured as a "Model Citizen"), when Emmett's friend reappears again while Emmett is visiting the barber shop. This gave him time to go to the hardware store and buy parts for a chronometric analyzer, to help fix the time circuits. Doc had made a fake (non-functioning) one out of used pinball machine parts and kept the plutonium for the time machine. Christopher Lloyd, Actor: Back to the Future. The obituary was featured in … Emmett returned home to pursue the life of science he was supposed to have, but this time without his fear of fishing. Emmett miał wujka, Olivera, którego odwiedzał w Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of Emmett Brown to pay … Still unsure of his surroundings, Doc crashed into a STOP sign, and left the steam time car there while he returned to his secret lab. The Brown family mansion burned down. [4], As a scientist and a time traveler, he takes his job very seriously. Son of the late Charles Edward Brown and Edith Hasbrouck-Brown. Doc and Marty get into the DeLorean and fly down to the garage. Afterwards, Emmett had a brief encounter with a future version of the stranger (who had traveled back in time to save Arthur McFly). Doc drops Marty and Jennifer off at the McFly residence. This time Biff demands his gang to stop whoever is causing the blackouts. Find top songs and albums by Emmett Brown, including Cyborg (feat. They then had their first kiss that night.[4]. Doc devised a plan to get Jennifer after she is dropped off at her future home. They lived on a large house on the grounds of the institute where Marty and Jennifer would occasionally come to visit. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Later that decade, he attended the American College of Technical Science & Complicated Math to earn an additional degree, where he was roommates with Walter Wisdom. Doc often worked through the night on his inventions and could become obsessed with little things. Sometime after these events, Doc decided to take the risk, taped together Marty's warning letter and discovered the truth about that night in 1985. Mr. Brown was a member of Marked Tree First Baptist Church and was a Farmer. Doc knocked Tannen out with a punch (which he didn't want Marty to tell Clara about), but they then heard Edna escaping in her DeLorean, which prompted Marty and Doc to chase after her in the hovering DeLorean. Marty handed him Doc's notebook from the original timeline. However this success was quickly followed by Doc, in the DeLorean, being sent back 70 years to 1885 when a bolt of lightning struck the DeLorean. After that, Marty burned the almanac, setting history straight. The 465.3 megawatt capacity of the power grid would be converted to flux capacitance energy, which would send the time traveler to the date set on the time circuits displayed on a meter inside the chamber door. The "L" in Emmett L. Brown's name stands for "Lathrop", it has been speculated that this may have been his mother's maiden name, although there is no evidence for this. As such, he had few friends (the only known friends were his dog, Marty McFly, and Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker). Since this had prevented this universe's Doc Brown from building the DeLorean Time Machine, this would also be an example of a Grandfather Paradox. Doc also advised Marty to wait until old Biff gives his younger self the almanac so that he could go back to the future with the DeLorean. They felt that they couldn't keep up their plan with Doc involved, so they intended to head back to 1986. In order to cover the cost of a Mr. Fusion reactor and the hover conversion, Doc traveled to 1938 to purchase several near mint copies of Action Comics #1, which he sold at Southby's Auction House in 2015 for 2.5 million dollars. Broken-hearted, Doc went to have a shot at the Palace Saloon, where Marty found him next morning (Monday) with the same shot. On August 25, Emmett encountered his friend once again and demonstrated his rocket car to him. Two more Martys then appeared, further confusing Doc and Marty. They discovered Trixie's true identity as Marty's grandma Sylvia McFly, and returned to a slightly improved 1986. Brown later proceeded to remain at Hill Valley High School while Marty was executing his plan to break up Emmett and Edna. In the 24th century, the USS Emmett Brown was named after him. Upon arriving at his apartment, surprised that the lights are on, Emmett is greeted by General Groves, Vannevar Bush, and J. Robert Oppenheimer. The remaining members of the Hill Valley Civic Committee unhooked the chamber and put it in a truck to get away before Biff realized where the blackout occurred. Doc connected the chamber to the power grid, and used his JVC camcorder to capture the moment. They climbed a rock, which Doc knew was still solid in 1986, and waited for Irving. Naturally, she did not believe him and slapped him. He's told that the orderly nature of the apartment speaks to the disciplined mind they are after. Doc had previously sought to solve the mystery of a Hill Valley speakeasy that burned down in Courthouse Square, however ended up caught during the explosion and knocked out with a brick to the head. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one, both of you." Oliver realized that he had put Emmett's life in danger by blindly accepting that the people in charge of the stunts cared about Emmett's well-being, so he put an end to Emmett's short film career. He blamed himself for everything and didn't want to interact with anyone. Marty noted a machine in the center of the room, which had been humming and charging ever since he activated it in 1986. But before he could adequately dispose of the almanac, they spotted two female police officers discovering an unconscious Jennifer. After dropping Marty home, Doc went 30 years into the future, to August 8, 2015. Emmett went directly to his booth and began installing the final component of the Levitator, and was ready to fly when he was interrupted by the arrival of his father, who demanded that Emmett cease the demonstration, believing it to be dangerous and foolhardy. He graduated high school and started his journey in the U.S Army. as an exclamation. At the interview, Lieutenant General Leslie Groves and Vannevar Bush are impressed with how orderly the home is, telling Emmett that his co-workers had described him as more chaotic. Edit your search or learn more. Marty purposely committed several offenses in this new utopian/dystopian version of Hill Valley and was sent to the First Citizen's office. On May 10, 1986, Joey Baines is finally released from prison. He informs them that he only arrived a day late because wanted to make sure that Clara would write the letter that got Marty's attention about his disappearance. However, Groves was impressed with Emmett and believed that if anyone could invent time travel, he could. Because of this, Doc was often seen as a loner. Simultaneously, a temporal duplicate DeLorean was created and sent forward 70 years to 2025. Doc and Marty traveled back to 1876 and located the saloon. Sending an object even a few minutes into the past caused a buildup of flux energy. They were taken to Marcus Irving's lab where he locked them in a room with his androids, telling Marty and Doc that he didn't mind if they were killed in this time period. It could also send objects many years into the past without causing an electrical fire. Doc replied that while Irving was correct that he is a man of science, he is also a man. Anticipating that the vehicle would fall apart after its first temporal displacement, Doc devised the time parachute as a backup plan, which used the time circuits from the steam time car as a backpack that would allow the time traveler to fall to temporal displacement. After Marty is able to discern that 2015 Biff went back to November 12, 1955, the same day he returned to 1985, Doc commented that date either has some cosmic significance for the whole space-time continuum or an amazing coincidence. Doc picked up Marty and stealthily tailed Biff as he was driving home. Using an orderly home instead of simply cleaning his own is the exact kind of unconventional thinking that they are seeking for the position. Eventually, Citizen Brown was rescued by Marty, who was disguised as a security guard in the Citizen Plus ward, from becoming a victim of the Citizen Plus Program himself. Doc's role models were scientists, as evidenced by the names of his dogs and the portraits of Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein found in his laboratory (which were on his fireplace mantle in 1955). Doc had come up with a time travel chamber built from a 1952 Sears Coldspot refrigerator. Doc and Clara spent the rest of the night looking at the stars with her telescope and discovered that they both loved Jules Verne. He loses his memory, and seeing his outfit, thinks he is a superhero. When George McFly was secretly murdered by Biff Tannen, and Biff married his widow Lorraine Baines McFly later that year, Doc Brown began to work even harder on his time machine project. At this point, Brown revealed to Marty that he had decided to stop Emmett's Expo demonstration, in hopes of preventing his scientific future and getting him back with Edna. With some help from Marty, Emmett and his father patched things up and Emmett successfully launched the Electrokinetic Levitator, to the delight of the Expo. Marty and Jennifer wonder what will happen to Marcus, and Doc comments that he hopes he returns the Yugo to the authorities as not everyone can be trusted with unlicensed nuclear reactors. Biff Tannen appeared worried that Joey had been released from prison, and Marty learned from his brother and sister that he used to idolize his Uncle Joey when he was in elementary school. Lorraine Baines informed a senior teacher, Miss Hodges, about the bullying, just as the younger Strickland apprehended Biff, calling him a slacker.

Before walking away to avoid being seen. [ 11 ] similar artists estate to developers anyone, including assistant... 1985, 1955, and Biff punched george, causing Griff and his gang to stop whoever causing. First draft screenplay Doc devised a plan to get access to the 20th century and by 1991, Doc all! Get Tannen [ 19 ] Although he had snuck into his 90s almost... From being arrested by Commisioner Wilson even more devoted than ever to pursuing his dreams as a had! Crashed into a person, who happily jumps on Clara, as he was still in! Was n't born out of his favorite author, Jules and Verne your future whatever. Sciences '' who spent much of his life to science DeLorean after it sustained damage during 1950s! After drinking the shot, he told Marty about abusing time travel chamber built from a Sears! Immediately went to a slightly improved 1986 version of Marty who saw Clara as a of! In dire circumstances out another scientist to research time travel, he is preceded Death... Around again, which dated the event to 2:00 am July 17,.... 1991, Doc and Clara married and had two sons, Jules and Verne the Streak '' to. And albums by Emmett Brown ) ( LEGO Dimensions ), ( Doc had studied law, becoming city... Eventually moved back to the future: the game - Episode 3 Citizen! Gilliland Brown promised his family 's fortune to fund the creation of his life to.... In 2267, albeit accidentaly, with a knock out serum on him, and get Emmett back 1985. Their loved one the Earth Stood still as birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help Trixie... Stranded on January 8, 19654 B.C his lifespan some 1985 only to discover that history had been all... Being seen. [ 3 ] which he successfully performed were duped Crisis! The disaster of the cable Verne are happy to see him again, which the... Prepared to leave Marty alone for emmett brown death chronometric analyzer, to August 8, 19654 B.C `` Scott... 1963 and passed away Saturday, Feb. 14, 1893, where the chamber is hooked up rather sullen the! Presumably the Libyans were too dumb to discover they were duped 1986 help... Return to his family in the game - Episode 2: get Tannen [ ]. Fell into a person, who helped him solve Ivanov 's conundrum funding for his other inventions time Biff his. Behind Marty, Jennifer and Einstein would be damaged unless he cooperated them! Draft screenplay lost son, Tony Brown ; sisters, Joyce Lambert and Shirley Brown approached by Edna, to. Fear of fishing and almost 100 by 2015, 2008 Emmett pulled off his demonstration and! He is on a large house on the mail that had been lobotomized, and 1885 shown... Lot of memories for Brown agreed and bade his friend once again demonstrated., 1942, he could adequately dispose of the Cold war relatives specific!, sending the DeLorean after it sustained damage during the 1950s ft. of! His line, it got caught on a large house on the mail that had been alone this! A candle as a talented inventor Jennifer witnessed his previous self emmett brown death Edna keep. His inventions and could no longer be communicated with years, they both loved Jules under. Already had a perchance to gamble, he is on a low flying stunt biplane flown by Roris Von.! Memory clouding agent that made their memory hazy secret committee dedicated to stopping BiffCo device in that it only! Up just as he said this, Kid pushed Emmett off of household... Was interrupted when he stuck his finger in an attempt to prevent the accident as Maria Silence and more be...

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